Summer Program







Our summer program is designed to give you a realistic picture of practicing law at MLA. Summer associates are exposed to a variety of real assignments that allow them to put their legal skill set to use and meet our attorneys. While our work assignment process may differ from office to office, all summer associates can expect to experience challenging assignments and also learn about our departmental team structure. We believe in teamwork, and for that reason most of our departments are comprised of smaller teams of five to twelve attorneys within the larger department. This provides summer associates with an understanding of how the associate work assignment process is structured and affords them the opportunity to work directly with partners on their assignments.

We believe feedback is important and ask our attorneys to submit written evaluations on each completed assignment as well as give oral feedback. Our summer associates participate in both firm wide and office specific training programs, in addition to their work assignments. These programs are designed to enhance their legal skills and provide them with an opportunity to learn more about MLA. A few of these programs include: a writing workshop, a negotiations training, and practice group overviews. For more information on our Summer Program, please select the specific city of your interest.

Summer Associate Spotlight

"McKenna Long & Aldridge provided a summer experience enriching beyond expectations.  I worked on substantive, meaningful projects and built strong relationships with numerous members of the MLA team.  Partners welcomed summer associates to sit in on important meetings, both internal and client-oriented, and we were given an insightful and genuine sense of what it is like to work at the firm.  I truly felt the great team at MLA invested in my success and growth, not only during the summer but beyond, and I look forward to rejoining MLA."

Locke Bell
The George Washington University Law School
JD Candidate, December 2014