McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP defines success in much broader terms than providing excellent legal services. The professionals at MLA know that excellent client service requires a thorough knowledge of our clients' business in order to provide a deeper level of value than most law firms. Our strategy is to partner with our clients to turn their challenges into opportunities and thereby help them realize their goals. In order to execute our strategy, we must excel at hiring, training, and retaining accomplished and committed professionals. Our firm’s strategy also serves to invite every member of our firm to participate fully in the strategic process. We expect those who choose a career with MLA to view our strategy as more than mere words and to assume their own unique role in the firm's success.

Lawyers join our firm for many reasons -- our definitive strategy, collegial atmosphere, strong team concept, innovative and supportive professional development program, complex and interesting work, and commitment to serving our communities to name a few. After you learn more about our firm, we invite you to consider adding your skills, talents, and commitment to our ranks as we continue to create and provide services that help our clients flourish. 


Jeffrey K. Haidet