Let technology help reduce risks

Attorneys can take simple steps to help ensure disputes do not become malpractice claims
May 20, 2011
Fulton County Daily Report

Articles in the Daily Report during the last six months confirm what many lawyers already know—lawyers are increasingly the target in a troubled economy. Yet bad stories with bad endings and bad headlines rarely start as a verdict or settlement.

Many times, these "headlines in the making" start as a billing dispute. Other times, a contract drafted by the firm is questioned or litigated. Or it could be that a bank represented by the firm fails. Increasingly, it is just an unhappy investor, the creditor of a failed business looking for a deep pocket, or litigation that took an ugly turn. On occasion, it is an impaired attorney whose personal problems have become firm problems.

Of course, not every wrong means a legal malpractice claim and not every legal malpractice claim means a verdict or settlement. In fact, approximately two out of every three legal malpractice claims in Georgia are resolved without any payment by a lawyer.

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