Elizabeth A. Ferrell

Elizabeth A. Ferrell

Partner - Washington, DC
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1900 K Street NW
Washington, DC 20006
TEL: 202.496.7544
FAX: 202.496.7756
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Elizabeth Ferrell has over 30 years of experience representing clients in every aspect of federal procurement. She counsels clients on a wide variety of issues including performance disputes, claims, regulatory compliance, investigations, mandatory disclosures, small business issues, labor/employment requirements, data rights, funding, teaming agreements, cost accounting, defective pricing, and False Claims Act matters. Additionally, she has litigated a broad range of disputes including contract terminations, claims, bid protests, and prime/subcontractor disputes.

Ms. Ferrell is Co-Chair of the Firm’s Claims and Terminations Group and focuses her practice on engagements involving performance disputes, contract claims, terminations, restructures, and close-outs.

Ms. Ferrell is Co-Chair of McKenna, Long & Aldridge’s cross-practice Cybersecurity team, and counsels government contractors on cybersecurity legislative and regulatory developments, the development of effective cybersecurity compliance programs and incident response plans, DoD’s pilot cybersecurity program for defense industrial base entities, and protecting the integrity of contractor supply chains. Ms. Ferrell conducts internal investigations of cyber incidents and develops strategies for breach response and remediation, and defends contractors when threatened with government monetary claims or possible default termination arising from alleged failure to comply with cyber requirements or after a cyber incident.

Prior to joining McKenna Long & Aldridge, Ms. Ferrell chaired the national government contracts practice at another firm in the District. She served as law clerk to the Honorable Sol Blatt, Jr., United States District Court for the District of South Carolina from 1982 - 1984.

Notable Engagements

Representing a major aerospace contractor in the Court of Federal Claims against the United States challenging a default termination. The contractor and the government each sought to recover $1.2 billion. The litigation finally settled in 2014 after the Supreme Court declined that the government assertion of the state secrets privilege rendered the litigation non-justiciable and the parties were left without any enforceable contract claims against each other.  

Successfully litigating an indemnification claim against the Corps of Engineers relating to the operation of a hydroelectric facility. The ASBCA awarded the client $234 million on its indemnification claim, plus interest totaling over $100 million.

Counseled a major defense contractor after a major helicopter program was terminated for convenience. Representation included counseling and client training on preparation and negotiation of a termination for convenience claim and development of a strategy for resolving hundreds of subcontractor claims.

Successfully overturned the default termination of five contracts where the VA alleged the contractor had failed to comply with small business subcontracting limits.

Negotiated a termination for convenience for an IT contractor threatened with default termination after a security incident compromised government employee financial information.

Successfully represented a communications company in landmark Court of Federal Claims and Federal Circuit litigation in connection with breach of contract claims against the U.S. Government. These claims sought multi-million dollar damages for NASA's decision, in the wake of the Challenger disaster, not to proceed with the scheduled launch of a commercial satellite.

Successfully protested in U.S. District Court, Health Care Finance Administration's contract award for maintenance and enhancement of the Government's Medicare file system as contrary to the evaluation criteria set forth in the solicitation.


Bar Admissions

Court Admissions


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