Michael R. Rizzo

Michael R. Rizzo

Partner - Los Angeles
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300 South Grand Avenue
14th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90071
TEL: 213.243.6193
ALT TEL: 626.893.7801
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Michael R. Rizzo leads our Firm's Chambers USA Tier I ranked Government Contracts practice on the West Coast. 

Mr. Rizzo helps clients avoid disputes and government investigations.  He designs government contracts compliance programs that, once implemented, reduce legal department expenditures on disputes and litigation in future years.

When government or commercial disputes cannot be avoided, Mr. Rizzo defends his clients in both the public and private sectors.  He represents defense contractors, design/build firms, and companies in the transportation and information technology industries who perform federal, state government, local government, and private contracts.  Mr. Rizzo has served as lead counsel in defending lawsuits filed under the Civil False Claims Act and in contract dispute matters before the ASBCA, the CBCA, the American Arbitration Association, and in California State and Federal Courts.  Mr. Rizzo has 22 years of experience in resolving termination disputes at the federal, state and local government levels.  He has prepared and litigated successful claims against the Departments of Defense, Energy and NASA for contract changes, defective specifications and delay and disruption arising from the government's administration of major weapon systems and infrastructure contracts.  He frequently represents clients under investigation for alleged quality assurance and pricing improprieties and is experienced in developing and managing internal investigations.  

Notable Engagements

Mr. Rizzo obtained a Motion to Dismiss with Prejudice in 2014 on behalf of Lockheed Martin in a third party beneficiary matter decided by the Central District of California.  Caltex Plastics, Inc. v. Lockheed Martin Corp., CV 14-544 PA (Ex) April 24, 2014.

Mr. Rizzo successfully represented Hughes Aircraft Company in a Ninth Circuit case that set the standard for the statute of limitations applicable to retaliation claims in California under the Federal False Claims Act.  U.S. ex rel. Lujan v. Hughes Aircraft, 243 F.3d 1181 (9th Cir. 2001).

Mr. Rizzo defended Rockwell Collins' award by the California Department of General Services of an information technology contract for an integrated public safety vehicle environment in a protest by L-3 Communications worth more than $300 Million.  At the time, this was the largest protest in the history of the California Alternate Pilot Protest Program.

Mr. Rizzo successfully resolved an eight figure Contract Disputes Act claim arising out of a design-build firm's performance of infrastructure task orders in the Iraq reconstruction effort.

Mr. Rizzo successfully resolved what are believed to be the two largest terminations for default stemming from the Iraq reconstruction effort, obtaining terminations for convenience on behalf of his client.

Mr. Rizzo has favorably resolved, as lead counsel, recent inquiries into whether his clients should be suspended or debarred, demonstrating their present responsibility and compliance with revised internal controls that Mr. Rizzo formulated.

Mr. Rizzo served on MLA's teams that (1) successfully resolved two of the nation's largest major weapon system terminations, and (2) prevailed in Civil False Claims Act matters before the Ninth Circuit and U.S. Supreme Court.


Bar Admissions

Court Admissions


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