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Rafshoon, G. Scott
Partner - Atlanta
404.527.4952 or 202.496.7837 vCard
Rattan, Mindy
Of Counsel - Washington, DC
202.496.7644 vCard
Rawi, David
Associate - Los Angeles
213.243.6128 vCard
Rawls, James
Partner - Atlanta
404.527.4060 vCard
Rizzo, Michael
Partner - Los Angeles
213.243.6193 vCard
Roberts, Jennette
Partner - Denver
303.634.4314 vCard
Robertson, Colin
Senior Strategic Advisor and Independent Consultant - Washington, DC
202.496.7187 vCard
Rocchegiani, Renzo
Partner - San Diego, North County
619-595-8032 vCard
Rosenthal, John
Associate - San Francisco
415.267.4086 vCard
Royko, Matthew
Partner - Atlanta
404.527.4641 vCard
Rozier, Robert
Partner - Atlanta
404.527.4096 vCard
Ruark, Kimberly
Of Counsel - Atlanta
404.527.4591 vCard
Rule, Michael
Partner - Orange County
949.732.3707 vCard
Russell Jr., Daniel
Partner - Washington, DC
202.496.7424 vCard
Rutledge, Laurice
Associate - Atlanta
404.527.4581 vCard