Actual presidential election yet to happen

December 14, 2012
Atlanta Business Chronicle

Most voters think they have already elected the president and vice president back on Nov. 6 — General Election Day. But, the truth be told, voters actually only elected presidential electors.

Each state has the total number of their congressional delegation (both U.S. House and Senate) as electors. (The District of Columbia has three electors.) For Georgia, this means 16 electors — 14 (reflecting the total number of its representatives) plus two (reflecting its two U.S. senators). California has the most electors with 55. There are a total of 538 electors (435 reflecting the total number of representatives, plus 100 reflecting the number of senators, plus three for the District of Columbia.)

Presidential electors do not actually meet to cast ballots until Dec. 17 (or more technically, the first Monday after the second Wednesday of December). Each state’s electors meet in that state’s capital. Georgia’s electors will meet in the Senate chamber at the Georgia State Capitol at noon on Dec. 17.

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