Quick Reference Guides

Government Contractor Business Systems Compliance Guide (PDF Version)

The MLA Government Contractor Business Systems Compliance Guide is the first comprehensive guide designed to assist DOD contractors, as well as any contractor selling to the government, in their assessment of the acceptability of their business systems under the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Business Systems Interim Rule, effective on May 18, 2011. The MLA Government Contractor Business Systems Compliance Guide provides comprehensive guidance for contractors to assess, based on their circumstances, the adequacy of each of the six covered business systems: accounting and billing, purchasing, estimating, material management and accounting, government property, and earned value.

M&A Guide (PDF Version)

MLA first released our M&A Quick Reference Guide in 2006 and it was most recently updated in 2012. The M&A Guide, which has received rave reviews, was the product of much thought and hard work by members of our Corporate Department, each of whom proudly refers to himself or herself as a “deal lawyer,” and all of whom have worked on numerous M&A transactions over the years and around the globe.

M&A Guide (App Version for iPad/iPhone and Droid)

Our popular M&A Guide is a complimentary App in the iTunes store for iPad and iPhone as well as in the Droid Marketplace.

Corporate Governance Guide (PDF Version

The Corporate Governance Guide began when our corporate lawyers organized themselves around the corporate scandals that emerged in late 2001 and the swift responses of the stock exchanges, Securities and Exchange Commission, and other regulators, and eventually the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. We created the Guide to have in one easily accessible place, often detailed components of the compliance and governance environment. We organized the Guide contextually, so you can readily access the material you need for answers in the same context in which the questions arise. Our aim has been to keep it simple and easy to use.